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    Guide to Self-Employment Taxes: Smart Filing for Freelancers

    Tracking expenses, due dates and estimated quarterly taxes are among a freelancer's top concerns. Whether your business is your primary source of income or you freelance part time, your tax situation is a little different than most. That doesn't mean it has to be difficult.

    As a freelancer, you may need to pay quarterly estimated taxes.

    When you're a freelancer or an independent contractor, you own a business of one. This means that in the eyes of the IRS, you are self-employed. And like most business owners, it also means you're responsible for making sure your taxes are paid appropriately.

    If you expect to owe $1,000 or more in taxes on income received from your clients, these payments help you to proactively pay those taxes as you earn the money.

    Determine if you need to pay quarterly estimated tax payments

    Self-employment tax is separate from federal income tax.

    Self-employment tax is money a business owner must pay to the federal government to fund their share of Medicare and Social Security. This tax must be paid if your net earnings total $400 or more during the tax year. It is separate from federal income tax and equals 15.3 percent of your self-employment income.

    Find out what portion of your freelance income is taxable